The Czech Miss has new partners for the year 2019. These are BOHEMIA HEALING MARIENBAD WATERS a.s., a beverage producer of the Bílinská kyselka, Zaječická hořká, Rudolfův pramen and HEAD drinks brands.

Bílinská kyselka is an excellent representative of the royal category of spa springs, purely alkaline acidulous waters. For more than three centuries it has been the spa drinking cure of the oldest European spa in Teplice. The connection in the field of beauty and health with the longest lasting beauty contest in the Czech Republic is the right direction. Czech Miss, as well as Bílinská kyselka, has a long tradition and successfully represents the beauty of the Czech Republic around the world.

The winners of Czech Miss Lea Šteflíčková and Jana Šišková had the opportunity to visit and see the beautiful Bílina Spa Complex and look directly into the production with the Executive Director of BOHEMIA HEALING MARIENBAD WATERS a. In this beautiful complex they had the opportunity to taste the freshly shot Bílina acidulous water, Rudolph’s spring and Zaječská bitter. For our girls, it was a huge experience that they immediately shared on their social networks. Missing Miss also had the opportunity to taste new, refreshing energy drinks HEAD drinks, which are produced and distributed by BOHEMIA HEALING MARIENBAD WATERS in the Czech Republic.

Mr. Martin Chmelař from the management of the Czech Miss said that he considers the connection with such important partners to be a great success and thanks to the new partners Bílinská kyselka and HEAD drinks for their trust.

All photos from the visit of the Czech Miss in BHMW can be found under this novelty.